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We try to make signing up as hassle-free as possible so we ask for the least amount of information needed to bring you on-board. Over time, we’d like to get to know you better – what kinds of wine you enjoy (besides ours), where you like to travel (besides wine country), that sort of thing – so we might ask a question now and again. We promise not to share your information with a Nigerian Prince.


Choose your own CASE allocation from any of the wines offered in the RFW CLUB shipments
  • Ships 2 times per year generally February and October
  • 20% off RFW CLUB wines and retail purchases
  • 4 Complimentary Reserve Tasting Invitations per shipment
  • 2 Invitations for “TTC” Tequila-Tacos-Cabernet, a party that you don’t want to miss! As well as invites to Steve’s Winemaker Dinners in your neighborhood and seasonal tasting experience at the winery.
  • All Club Membership Benefits start after payment for first club shipment has been received.

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Please Note: We cannot ship wine to a post office box!


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