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We try to make signing up as hassle-free as possible so we ask for the least amount of information needed to bring you on-board. Over time, we’d like to get to know you better – what kinds of wine you enjoy (besides ours), where you like to travel (besides wine country), that sort of thing – so we might ask a question now and again. 


Choose 12 bottles of your own Reynolds Family Winery selection each year and two cases of that collection will be shipped twice per year (one case every 6 months)

  • Shipments are twice a year starting from the members sign up date
  • An additional 20% off all Reynolds and Naughty Wines and merchandise will be provided for all additional purchases, excluding large formats and library wines
  • First to receive emails on shipping and wine promotions
  • 4 Complimentary Classic Tasting visits per members annual year which includes up to two guests per visit, member must be present to tasteInvites to our 5 annual events a year; TTC, Paella Party, Harvest Party, Library and Large Format Tasting and Christmas Party
  • This club is an annual commitment of two cases of wine per annual year
  • All members must cancel in writing 30 days before the next shipment is to be release
  • All address changes must be done so 30 days prior to the next shipment to avoid additional shipping or re-routing fees

All Club Membership Benefits start after payment for first club shipment has been received.

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We will charge your credit card prior to each shipment.

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