' Reynolds Family Winery: TWE "Porkfection" Event!

Greetings RFW Fans!

As part of our auction lot at the recent Triangle Wine Experience benefitting the Frankie Lemmon Foundation, we're still looking to fill a couple more seats at our dinner "Porkfection"!

Read below for the info and if you're able to join Steve and the gang you can RSVP to tiffany@frankielemmonschool.org.  Cost is $250 per person each night.  We hope you can join in!


Reynolds Family Winery


This little Piggy went to market, this little Piggy stayed home (a big mistake), this little Piggy had roast beef and THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT WHHHHHHEEEEEEEEE ALL THE WAY TO OUR CINCO DE MAYO PIGGY PARTY for 125 people!

May 4th, 2013 we will meet at the incredible home of RICH AND KELLY LEE (their home and property is a bow to nature) in Raleigh, NC. This the place to be, so bring your appetite and get ready to get your pig on! Whole Hog! Mischief and mayhem! Visions of food, wine and spirits are dancing in our heads! This little piece of heaven will be brought to you with a little help from our friends – and what a group of friends this is!

Just think, beautiful PIG trussed up and cooked to perfection by none other than the FATBACK COLLECTIVE. The name of this group is enough to tame the beast and need for pig within. The People of the Pig is a group of like-minded people, who after much zigging and zagging, all had a common notion about our national swine. To bring to light the delights and to celebrate the succulent swine! For them, first and foremost, is respecting the way things are properly done and find others who think the same – whether they be chefs, breeders or eaters, it makes no difference. The Fatback Collective is a veritable Who’s Who list of swine-love and encompasses all walks of life. We will have our very own lovely Chef Ashley Christensen and Chef Matt Kelly of Mateo doing the sides (at the time we went to press, there was a lot of begging and pleading for Ashley to make her famous Mac & Cheese and for Matt
to include his bacon jam…pretty please!).

To top it all off and wash it all down, you will be drinking excellent wines by long time supporters of the Triangle Wine Experience. Andy Wilcox from LAMBERT BRIDGE will be bringing ZINFANDEL and CABERNET SAUVIGNON; Steve Reynolds from REYNOLDS FAMILY WINERY will be bringing CHARDONNAY, PINOT NOIR and CABERNET SAUVIGNON; Pax Mahle of WIND GAP is bringing TROUSSEAU GRIS and their RANA and lastly, Mark McWilliams of ARISTA WINERY will be bringing a healthy sampling of his wares. Remember these folks are a collective soul that knows how to party! Mix in some MAESTRO DOBEL TEQUILA with our very own ICE LUGE (we are certain our friend Steve-O is gonna teach us all how that works…), add some Margaritas and a Mariachi Band and you have a gen-u-WINE Cinco de Mayo.

So step right up! Come on down! What you will be experiencing this day comes from very profound friendships that have been forged over many years. A Festival of treats, translated from the field to the dinner table in one unbroken expression. Earthly pleasures of wine, spirits,
food, conversation and hospitality await you, so don’t forget to bring your Koozies!

P.S. On Friday evening we will be having a smaller gathering to Toast the Pig with hand-crafted cocktails and delicious edibles. Don’t you want to know how to get invited? Find one of the HOSTS listed below and ASK!

“It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival
of a friend, one’s present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any
other reason.”

– Courtesy of Rich & Kelly Lee; Abel & Barbara Zalcberg;
Brian McHenry & Eliza Kraft Olander; Ashley Christensen,
Poole’s Diner; Matt Kelly, Mateo; Steve Reynolds, Reynolds Family
Winery; Andy Wilcox, Lambert Bridge Winery; Pax & Pam Mahle,
Wind Gap Wines, Mark McWilliams of Arista and the FATBACK COLLECTIVE!


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